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NFL Fans Hated Carrie Underwood's New Sunday Night Football Theme Song

NFL fans hated Carrie Underwood's new 'Sunday Night Football' theme song.

Two seasons after Underwood first debuted a new Sunday Night Football song, she broke out yet another musical update for Week 1’s broadcast of Bears-Packers. In this version, “Ohhhhhhh Sunday Night” was replaced by “GAME ON!”

NFL fans weren’t exactly thrilled with the new song.

Comments include:

"New Carrie Underwood Sunday Night Football song review
—Sang "Sunday night" on multiple occasions

—Did not sing "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" in advance of saying that it was Sunday night.
"Grade: D+"

"This season's Carrie Underwood song is even closer to making me feel like I live in an actual parody than last season's Carrie Underwood song."

"We don't need a Carrie Underwood music vid before SNF games."

"I love Carrie Underwood but man these Sunday Night Football songs get worse and worse."
"I hope Carrie Underwood’s new Sunday Night Football song is sung by somebody else."

"there are very few things that make me more uncomfortable than carrie underwood’s sunday night football song."

"If there’s any reason to boycott the NFL, it’s because of that atrocious Carrie Underwood intro song. As a nation, we deserve better. #NFLSunday."

"I love Carrie Underwood with every fiber of my being but what is this new SNF song?"
"I’m not a fan of this new Carrie Underwood song at all."

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