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Jason Michael Carroll survived a nasty car accident

Jason Michael Carroll survived a nasty car accident on Friday (Feb. 9).

The "Alyssa Lies" singer posted the photo above to Instagram, showing the aftermath of a two-car accident that tore up the right front end of the Volvo he was driving.

"Well this week has sucked," Carroll writes, adding, "Could always be worse I reckon. Glad I had already dropped my kids off at school this morning before this lady pulled out in front of me."

Carroll says he was driving his father in law's car and slowing down to make a turn at the cross street when the other car pulled in front of him.
He wrote, "Between this, financial worries, our poor dog and everything else, I’m really tired of this week. Sorry for the heavy post but I have always been open with y’all. I have a headache. I’m resting now. #CheckingOutForABit."


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